Learn about the weekly virtual visits to the farm, and meet the llamas, rabbits, and Connemara ponies ...
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Be the first to hear about live appearances of the llamas, plus any new video content going in to Virtual Learning Tours, and offers to join webinars and live broadcasts from the llama ranch! With the videos and worksheets, you will feel like you are right there on the farm learning with Vickie about training llamas for obstacle courses or Connemara ponies for liberty work and riding. 

It doesn't cost anything to be on the email list. In fact, Vickie has recorded a video that you get to access for free when you join the list. Add your name and email to the list and get the "How to Halter a Llama" video. It's an important step that comes before obstacle training or hiking the trail.

Even if you don't ever plan to train a llama, you will have fun getting to know llamas a little better as you watch Vickie demonstrate haltering of her llama, Heartsong.

As a member of the Virtual Learning Tours email list, you will ...
  • be the first to learn about new video content or worksheets that have been uploaded to the site to take you on virtual visits to the farm and ranch where you will meet llamas, Connemara ponies and rabbits;
  • learn about the live appearances of the llamas, ponies or rabbits, many of which are covered via Facebook Live or Periscope broadcast in case you are not in the local area for attending in person. 
  • Join the email list to get access to this free llama haltering video & much more!
"Vickie's teaching on the farm is extended through the content she creates for Virtual Learning Tours. It is an educational adventure that our kids view as a treat when we finish home schooling. They learn so many things about the llamas, the rabbits, the ponies, and about farm care, every time they are with her or watching her videos. Virtual Learning Tours site provides a way to learn from Vickie even when away from the farm!"
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